The Computer Age: All Is Lost

The signs of the fangling are all around us.

Modems hiss like wily serpents. Plastic mice and keyboards are fondled like blasphemous idols. Online romances between unknowing chatters and fat rapists in drag are not uncommon these days. Soon the unknowing chatter is sending flowers to someone who is not at all who they think they are. And don't assume by my exposť on this issue that I have been duped by such a masquerade.

I don't even know where to start. The web is best left to feather dusters. IRC is a stale muffin. The internet is an unruly and confusing spaghetti mess. Most of us don't know the difference between TCP/IP and PCP. There are too many acronyms, by the way. Too many power suited execs babbling about "push technology", "identd spoofing", and "Usenet nasties". Too many damn keys on the keyboard.

All we can hope for is a new virus that will bring us all back to the old ways.

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