This book is dedicated to Theodore Kaczynski, Bill Gates, G.G. Allin, Carl Sagan, Jello Biafra, Albert Einstein, The Spice Girls, Jackie Chan, Coco B. Ware, and God.

fang-l-ing : a confabulation, an onslaught of confusion, a progression of technology beyond the bounds of an individual's coping skills...

Ever since the first squirrel-like proto-human employed the use of a simple stick to prod a pesky bird from its nut cache, there has been an anti-technology backlash voiced by certain members of our populace.

Fire was believed to be the work of evil spirits. The wheel was a construct of demonic forces. Eli Whitney's cotton gin was considered an affront to all that was good and blessed.

Luddites, Unabombers, and crotchety old people have long whined about technology in their low tech environs, but they had no voice on the web. Therefore, I have decided to bring this voice to the all-encompassing skein that is the WWW. Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you The Fangling.

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